Re: J&L tankers

Richard Townsend

The fact that the photo we all have been looking at seems to show that the car was fully lettered with even the small, unreadable lettering, to me does not indicate in itself that this was other that a builder's photo with a whitewashed or other light body color. I'm far from an expert, but it seems to me that this was a common practice for builder's photos. Look for instance at the Wabash box on page 3 of Prototype Railroad Modeling V. 1. ALL the lettering is there on the light colored body, same as in the photos from other builders on the following pages (but with dark bodies).

Note also that the background has been whited out. This also was common for builder's photos.

Now to throw water on my own fire, I've never seem another builder's photo with a person in it.

Nothing conclusive, but as the Red Queen said, "EVIDENCE!"
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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