Re: Allergic to Epoxy, CA?


In electron microscopy, the most often used embedding
agent (for the 1/400,000 in. sections) is an aliphatic
epoxy mixture mixed on the bench and polymerized in an
oven. Allergy to this epoxy has been known for over
30 years. Most labs/universities require handling the
material in a fume hood using gloves. No other remedy
is effective.

The several suggestions above for making a small "paint
booth" would be the equivalent. The epoxy monomer or
dust would reside in the booth, and the flow of air across
a narrow front would keep contamination from the modeler.
Such a "booth" would have to be exhausted outside the
building. Sanding operations would probably require some
sort of dust filter in the exhaust path.

No ideas on the size of fans. A "booth" large enough
for spray painting should be large enough for mechanical

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