Re: Allergic to Epoxy, CA?

John Fitts <jefitts2003@...>

Thanks, guys. Since posting last night I've done some further research, and it seems a product such as Loctite 403, a low odor, "low bloom" (not sure what exactly that term means) CA might be an alternative. There also are zero odor, zero bloom products out there, apparently. They're way more expensive than the drug store variety stuff (at least based on prices in the Grainger catalog), but I think I'll try those before resorting to more drastic measures.

Will report back with results. Thanks.

John Fitts <jefitts2003@...> wrote:
I have suddenly developed what seems to be an acute sensitivity to both CA and epoxy. Even with proper ventilation and limited exposure, my head about explodes and my eyes puff up from either adhesive in a matter of seconds.

This is seriously bad news for me, as the greatest part of my modeling efforts up until now was in building resin kits. With epoxy and CA out of the picture, I don't know how else to stick 'em together. I'm skeptical that an aliphatic (carpenter's) glue would work, but I could be mistaken.

Anyone else out there have a siimilar allergy? Any thoughts on what to do? My large pile of unbuilt resin kits would surely appreciate your response.


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