chemical allergies/Athearn parts


Why don't you guys with chemical allergies call up a company like
Ellsworth Adhesives or a manufacturer of cyanoacrylate and ask them
what they recommend.

Ellsworth is a distributor with about 50 offices in the US. I'm sure
any of the local sales people could find someone (in their company
or with their suppliers)who is familiar with the problems.

I don't remember which company it was, but I once saw technical
literature from a company that made about a dozen cyanoacrylates.
The only problem you might have is buying the minimum amount of an
unusual adhesive in the minimum quantity that is sold.

I remember that Walthers used to list one company (Goldberg?) that
sold several different ACC cements. Maybe that company has someone
who could discuss the problem intelligently or could refer you to

The problem with epoxys is that both the epoxy part and the cross
linker part can cause allaergic reactions. Someone at Ellsworth
might be able to hook you up with a health and safety person at a
larger company like an epoxy manufacturer.

Freight car content - that new Athearn car sure is nice. I wonder if
Athearn would sell National type B trucks separately. Does any
company sell parts from new Athearn cars?

I wish Athearn would come out with some real steam era cars. It
looks like our "problem" is that the diesel era is much more popular
than the steam era.



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