Re: Tichy USRA steel-side rebuild boxcars

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Arnold van Heyst asked:
"And which decal set can I use to make a car situated between 1947
and 1961? Hopefully a manufacturer number........."

1947-1961 is a broad brush for NYC lettering, as several significant
changes occurred during this time period. FWIW, the PMcK&Y/P&LE
rebuilds were off the roster by 1959.

By far the best decals on the market are Speedwitch Productions
#D107, $10 USD, available online at:

Scroll down to the fifth decal set listed.

These were discussed in the same thread earlier this month. As Ted
Culotta posted in January (Message #50734), "This set will letter
many cars (at least five box cars and a bonus to be mentioned in
a moment.) It covers any combination of at least five cars including
1916 steel auto (box car version), NYC USRA steel (2), P&LE USRA 50-
ton rebuild, NYC/P&LE/IHB 1937 AAR, NYC/IHB Modified 1937 AAR, NYC
10'0" IH Postwar AAR, NYC 10'6" IH Postwar AAR and *the bonus* is
that there was enough space left over for lettering for one
Westerfield NYC stock car!"

Ben Hom

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