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Hello Tim,

Actually we never thought of that but now that I have, there are a number
of reasons. The biggest is the added costs both tooling and labor, we just
took a $40 car and made it into a $70 to $80 car.
To do this, there would be only two orientations of the stakes and perhaps
a multi cavity mold. Then the labor of attaching the stakes either semi
automated or by hand. Since the shell is very thin at the top it would be
extremely difficult to make the peg holes where they wouldn't be seen on the
inside but be enough to hold the stakes firmly. We spent great pains to make
the shell one piece and make the offset interior so adding peg holes just
adds to the complicated mold. Also, there is absolutely no glue or adhesives
on any of our cars so the side stakes would have to be a press fit (pegs
into tight holes).

Have you seen one of these cars yet?

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Sam, I was wondering why Kadee didn't make the side stakes
as separate small parts. Too much labor, or a technical reason?


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One of the few compromises we had to make is the orientation of the side
stake angles. Since there are an innumerable amount of configurations of
these side stake angles and the fact you only see one side of the car in
photos, thus not knowing the side stake orientation of the opposite side
the car (they are not always the same), we decide to make only one
configuration of the stake angles. Each different configuration would
require additional extensive tooling (mold making).

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