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Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Oops. I was not clear. You mentioned 797 cars in 1942, but I show
3000-3899 in 1940, and 10000-11999 in 1942.

At 10:01 PM 1/28/02 -0500, you wrote:

I believe you left out 3000-3899, built in 1940.

Larry Smith wrote

Carl Shaver's book, Freight cars of the C&O August 1, 1937 specifically
states the following: Series 4000-4499 were built with Viking roofs by
General American as was. series 5000-5499. The cars that were built by
Pullman Standard, series 4500-4999 had Murphy roofs. Now here's the
real fly in the ointment. All had dreadnaught ends except for 5400-5499
which had the Deco ends. Cars in the 5250-5499 had Creco doors, while
4000-4999 had Youngstown doors. Cars in the 5000-5249 had Camel doors.
In 1942 the C&O received 797 cars, also of the 37 design with the later
corner design which were Murphy roof and dreadnaught ends. These cars
were equipped with Apex metal roof walks.

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