Re: New Steam Era HO manufacturer

Richard Townsend

Plymouth Locomotive Works of Plymouth, Ohio shipped their NG industrial switchers on SG flat cars. F&C has a kit for such. Years ago when I visited the plant they had records showing the reporting marks of the cars on which they were shipped. I have copies somewhere showing the cars that carried the CB&Q's tie plant narrow gauge locos (sorry, only those). Presumably Brookville Locomotive of Brookville, PA made similar shipments. And anybody mdeling the early 1940's in a location between Colorado and Seattle might be able to justify a shipment of narrow gauge cars or steam locomotives bound for the White Pass & Yukon under U.S. Army control.

Frederick Freitas <prrinvt@...> wrote:

Since Mike has given us a narrow band width, I will offer the following:
�The PRR shipped via "real flat car" the 2 foot ga. tie plant switcher & cars some same in PA.; also shipped were cars built at Ft. Wayne for the Waynesburg & Washington, 3 foot ga. in western PA,; and cars built for the Ohio River & Western, 3 foot ga. in eastern OH. Both 3 foot ga. RR's received power, freight, and passenger equipment in this way. �Thanks Mike !!

�Fred Freitas / Pres
�New England Chapter / PRRT&HS

Mike Brock <brockm@...> wrote:
�Dave Smith says about narrow gauge cars:

Well, maybe an exception would be made if you can offer photo evidence
that the narrow gauge car in question traversed Sherman Hill during the
steam era <G>
Actually, I suppose there might be a case in which a narrow gauge car was a
cargo on a real frt car. In that case, I suppose one might be able to
discuss it...for a narrow time period.

Mike Brock


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