Re: Paint Scheme Changes

Greg Martin

Jim writes:

"Has any one ever done a book/document/list of the changes to paint schemes
that covers the major railroads? I know my RRs. But when it comes to an RR
that I don't know I don't know what years what paint schemes happened.

For instance ... what year did Pennsy introduce the Shadow Keystone? No,
I'm not interested in an answer to just that one question - well, actually I am
- but the point is that it is an example of how paint schemes changed over
the years. Why do I want to know? I'm in the process of selecting freight
cars to take to a run that has a cut off date of 1949. And I know enough to
not rely upon the data that is on the car ... even if the built date is
correct the paint scheme is often from a much later period.

So how's a fella supposed to know?"

The quick answer is that the Shadow keystone was adopted in (Feb) 1st
quarter of 1954, and was changed slightly later (July) that year (numeral style
change). There has been outlines of this subjects in The Keystone Modeler
Magazine (online free magazine). But we are glad to help even if you don't read

Greg Martin

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