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Jim writes:
"Has any one ever done a book/document/list of the changes to paint
that covers the major railroads? I know my RRs. But when it comes
to an RR
that I don't know I don't know what years what paint schemes happened.
For instance ... what year did Pennsy introduce the Shadow Keystone?
Now there is a thought for a quick, basic, entry level article.
Perhaps someone at MR could do it in two pages since they seem to
mainly focus on simple, not very in-depth articles for "beginners"
these days;-)

All kidding aside...although a good idea, I suspect it hasn't been
done because it would quickly become a major treatise, no? I can't
even keep track of what happened on my beloved SP over the years!

BTW, to stay on topic it was 1954 for the Pennsy shadow Keystone.
Check out this great site:
and check out the "The Keystone Modeller(TKM)" magazine for good info.
Stefan Lerche
Duncan, BC

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