Re: Dalman two level trucks

Dennis Storzek <dstorzek@...>

--- In STMFC@..., "Brian Leppert" <b.leppert@...> wrote:

After that work, all mold parts have to go out to a heat treater for
hardening. Turn around time is about a week
This process involves putting the parts in an oven. Life is always
interesting when parts come back from heat treating, as I can expect
dimensions to change, surfaces to bulge out or sink in, and longer
pieces to
curve like a banana and/or twist like a pretzel, and everything must be
ground back to workable sizes.
Then I can start producing the trucks!
Yaeh! Someone else who sees the value in hard tooing so the parts
don't turn to crap befiore the initial run is finished.

Good luck Brian.

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