Re: Freight Cars and Fish


Is the shipment of canned fish seasonal ?? If there were
little risk of freezing then almost any house car would do.

The BAR (just about as far away as is possible to get in the
continental US) shipped potatoes in insulated box cars,
equipped with underfloor charcoal heaters, to prevent
freezing. The precautions were necessary as the potato
harvest is in the middle to late fall (September, October, &
early November) and shipments occur throughout the late fall
and winter.


Mike Carson

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: >I recently came across a document of the Port of Los
: >Harbor Belt Line, basically "Superintendent Notices"
: >1952. In it they talk about the care needed in spotting
: >for loading at the various canneries in the port area.
: >interesting, but they never mention what sort of cars to
: >
: >In the 1940's and 1950's, canned fish would be shipped
from the
: >cannery in what kind of car - a reefer or insulated
boxcar? And
: >would all seafood products have been shipped the same
: Prior to about 1955, the insulated box car was pretty
rare, and uniced
: reefers were commonly used for products needing
temperature protection.
: However, many varieties of canned goods were shipped in
ordinary box cars.
: Some canned fish is cooked as part of the processing, in
which case
: temperature protection would be less important.
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