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There is no Daylight Orange by Accupaint, but Star paint has such a
color. If you use Accupaint use equal parts AP#17 CN Orange and AP#21
MEC Harvest Yellow. That is Lee Yeager's old formula and it looks right.

For Daylight Red many people use Accupaint AP#14 Socony Red, but this
is a shade to pink IMO. I find it better to again use Lee Yeager's
formula as follows: 50% #AP 66 SP Scarlet + 20% #AP 15 Warm Orange +
20% #AP 72 Rio Grande Yellow/Orange + 10% #AP 14 New Haven Socony Red

Some people use Accupaint AP#68 UP Harbour Mist gray for Lark Light
gray, while others prefer AP#45 NYC Light gray.
Hope that helps
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC

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With regard to the recent thread about Accupaint/Star Brand paints
could someone please clear up my confusion. The paints that are
listed in the Accupaint and PBL websites are:
AP-66 SP Scarlet - in stock
AP-65 SP Lark Dark Grey - in stock
AP-95 - SP Lettering Grey - not in stock (they say they are
"thinking" about it)
AP-96 - SP Daylight Orange - not in stock
Star Brand
STR-25 SP Scarlet
STR-26 SP Dark Grey
STR-27 SP Daylight Orange

So looking at the available paints SP Scarlet, Daylight Orange and
SP Lark Dark Grey are obvious matches. But what about SP Daylight Red
and SP Lark Light Orange? What do you use, Scarlet for Daylight Red?
I am confused about this issue. I want to use this paint but need to
know about the correct matches for Daylight Red and Lark Light Grey.
Thanks in advance to those who can respond with the information needed.
Paul LaCiura
San Francisco, CA

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