Re: Preservation (was Organization) of freight car info

Dave Eggleston <degg13@...>

--- cf5250 <timboconnor@...> wrote:

because no
hardware or software will exist for them. Heaven
only knows
what mass storage will look like 50 years from now.
Yes, this is what I alluded to by saying plan to copy
every 5 years AND plan to update/convert files to
newer formats. Oh, and scan at the highest resolution

This topic keeps coming up and I don't want to
belabor it,
but I've said it before: the best archival storage
now and for the future is a hard disk.
Actually, as you'll note in the article I mentioned in
my earlier post, it's actually tape that is generally
recommended. Less chance of mechanical failure. We
back up all our gold masters to tape. An alternate
that might prove reliable are the CF cards or memory
sticks that are now prevalent and cheap, and

Enough on this before I get thrown into moderator

Dave Eggleston

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