Re: old Athearn 40ft steelside reefer HOscale


You need Tony Thompson's PFE book and that'll answer all the questions
you'll ever have (even has paint chips). The Athearn car is indeed
based on the PFE R-40-23. He also had an extensive series about all
the PFE cars in RMC (not MR). You'll want the February 1987 RMC issue
focusing on PFE steel reefers which has info on the Athearn cars
specifically. Also you may want the January, March and April 1987
issues for info on PFE wood cars, rebuilds and operations/express
cars. Hope that helps some. BTW Tony is also on this list and only
growls at you sometimes if you ask him a specific question;-)
Stefan Lerche'
Duncan, BC

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Thank you, both. Do either of you know what years the articles about
these cars would be in? I've got years of MRs in box after box. I'm
thinking these articles had the paint information and other good stuff
in them.
I need to findout what the correct paint scheme would be for them
for their "as delivered" paint. My area cut-off point is 1953.
I sure do appreciate your help!
Don Worthy

"Miller, Andrew S." <asmiller@...> wrote:

AFAIK it's a model of a PFE R40-23. It's a good stand-in, being
dimensionally correct with appropriate details. But it is ancient
molding technology and far better models are available now from I/M,
unfortunately, not as kits.

I have several of the old Athearn models in my fleet and repainted them
all PFE once I learned what they were intended to be. They were, and
are, offered by Athearn in many road names - few of which were correct.
The most egregious mispainting would probably be SFRD, since the Santa
Fe cars were always very distinctive (5 foot doors, "reverse" hinged
hatches, etc).


Andy Miller

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group, could someone tell me what the proto-type was for the old
Athearn steelside 40ft reefer?
I remember, years ago, there were articles in MR or MRC for modifying
them into other types and classes. Now that I'd like to find them, I
I've got several over the years and many I've reworked the roof
hatches, underframes and brake gear. I don't want to trash them or keep

them in boxes.
Would someone help jog my memory?
Don Worthy

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