NE Prototype Modelers Meet is June 2-3 in Collinsville, CT

Dave Owens

The 2006 New England/Northeast Prototype Modelers Meet is less than a
month away. We've been working to line up a great array of clinics,
vendors and manufacturers.

The meet is Friday and Saturday, June 2-3 at the Canton Community
Center, 40 Dyer Ave., Collinsville, Connecticut

For information, contact neprotomeet@... or Dave Owens at 860-233-0303.

Here's the list of clinics and programs so far. This is ever-evolving
and could changfe as the meet draws nearer. I'll also be working on a
schedule over the next couple of weeks.

The meet costs $20 in advance and $25 at the door. To register, send a
check payable to NE Proto Meet to Fran Richard, 34 Ellsworth Road,
West Hartford, CT 06107.

Dave Owens

Here's the list of presenters and their clinics:

Preston Cook
What's In Those Steam Locomotives – A detailed examination of a steam
engine's components. This two-part session will help you understand
what all those parts do.

Mike Rose
Tree Making – Mike will lead a hands-on clinic on making the kinds of
trees he's been using to fill his layout. The clinic has an additional
charge of $5 to cover materials and participants can expect to take
home a few trees. Pre-registration is urged as space and materials are

Ted Culotta
Designing the Naugy and Highland in HO – If you read Railroad Model
Craftsman, you've seen Ted's ongoing series "Essential Freight Cars."
Ted is a master at research and he'll talk about how he's applying
those skills to his home layout, which is based on the New Haven's
Naugatuck and Highland lines. While this will be of interest to NH
modelers and historians, it will also be pertinent to those thinking
about or currently designing layouts as it will discuss many of the
tools being used to develop the track plan, including photos, maps,
timetables, and other relevant data sources.

Steve Funaro
Building Resin Kits – Steve will lead a hands-on clinic on building
resin kits. Each participant will receive a Funaro & Camerlengo kit.
This clinic has a fee of about $12 and pre-registration is requested
as space is limited.

Art Biehler
Transcontinental Passenger Service on the New York Central in the Post
War Era – Art's clinic traces the evolution, trains, operation, and
equipment found in the service the New York Central offered from 1946
to 1958 to California and to Texas and Oklahoma in conjunction with
several western railroads. Comparisons to similar services offered by
the PRR and B&O will be demonstrated. References to modeling these NYC
trains would be raised.

Rick Abramson
What are Those Details on a Diesel Engine and What do They Do? – Ever
open a package of Details West MU hose and wonder how many you're
supposed to put on the locomotive your modeling. Rick, a well-known
New Haven modeler and a dispatcher for the Housatonic Railroad, will
answer that and other questions about diesels.

John Sacerdote
Hand-laying track. John will share the experience he gained installing
hand-laid track on his home layout.

George Barrett
Bodies, Trailers and Loads – George, owner of Sheepscot Models, has
given a clinic each year on vehicle modeling. This year's is the next
progression in that series.

Mike Simonds
Wiring a Locomotive for DCC and Sound – Mike will show what it takes
to install sound and DCC in a locomotive and will be on hand Saturday
to offer advice on an individual basis.

Bill Schaumburg
Using Photos and Documents from Archives to Model a Prototype Scene –
Bill, editor of Railroad Model Craftsman, will talk about research for
his home layout.

Peter McLachlan
Life on the Railroad – Luckily for us Pete has become a meet regular
with his slide shows on his time on the New Haven. Pete took a camera
to work with him everyday and we get to see the results.

John Orofino
Making Plastic Structure Kits Look Great – John, an architect, will
show what he does to make inexpensive plastic structure kits look like
craftsman kits.

Jim Homoki
Freight Car Stenciling Details in the Diesel Era – Jim will show how
to identify the paint and stencil details that make a car era-
specific. It will be a look at how the information provided on freight
cars has changed since the 1950s and how you can identify and model
cars to fit a specific era.

Dave Messer
Designing the Pennsylvania Railroad Northeast Division -- Although it
is set outside of NE, it connects with the New Haven through Maybrook
Yard. It is a combination of overhead foils documenting the historic
rationale of the takeover of the L&NE by PRR and the development of
the track plan, plus slides showing its current state (sorry no
digital projection yet).

Scott Mason
Building Craftsman Kits – Scott, well-known craftsman kit builder,
will share the skills and techniques he's developed.

James Koretsky
Modular modeling with FREEMO – James will take about modular
railroading beyond two-foot by four-foot modules.

Neil Gage
Modeling Military Freight Car Loads – Anyone who's been to the West
Springfield show has been treated to Neil's magnificent models of
1970s and World War II era trains hauling tanks, trucks and other

Marty McGuirk
Something CV – Marty, a former editor at Model Railroader and key guy
at Intermountain Models, will talk about modeling his favorite
railroad, the Central Vermont.

Ralph Barger
The Harriman Common Standard Passenger Cars – Ralph will discuss total
Harriman car production (3041 cars), including dates, car type, plan
and lot numbers for the Pullman built cars and also the cars built by
AC&F, Bethlehem Shipbuilding, J. G. Brill, Pressed Steel Car, St.
Louis Car Co., Standard Steel Car and the prototypes built by SP & UP.

John Greene
Reading Covered Hoppers – John, owner of Bethlehem Car Works, will
talk about Reading's fleet of covered hoppers.

Rob Pisani
Conrail in New Jersey – Rob is a key guy at Atlas Model Railroad Co.
will show his photographs of Conrail in New Jersey, his stomping

Tom Nanos
A View from the Cab – Tom, a Connecticut-based railfan photographer,
will present his work.

Tom Murray
Modeling Amtrak – Tom is one our meet organizers and a rabid Amtrak
modeler. Ever wonder which paint phase fits your era? What locos fit
your era? Why Bachmann Amfleet cars are actually better than Walthers?
Tom will tell ya'.

Jeff Hanke
Something Chessie – Jeff is a late addition to this year's schedule.
We lucked out and he was able to change the weekend he has to go fly
helicopters for the Navy. Jeff's modeling focus is Chessie and that
will be the subject of his clinic.

Vendors and manufacturers:
Branchline Trains, Atlas Model Railroad Co., Bethlehem Car Works,
Speedwitch Media and Models, Reboxx, Sheepscot Scale Models, Funaro &
Camerlengo, Bob's Photo, Arlington Station, Penn Central Historical
Society, Chessie System Historical Society, Pennsylvania Railroad
Technical and Historical Society New England Chapter.

All clinics, vendors, manufacturers and other meet participants are
subject to change.

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