Re: NE Prototype Modelers Meet is June 2-3 in Collinsville, CT

Dave Owens

The facility prevents us from getting too big. We've been blessed with
an awful lot of generous people willing to share their time, knowledge
and skills.

Our goal is to simply create an program that's fun and inspires people
to do great modeling. Hopefully the people who attend will agree.

Dave Owens

On 5/8/06, cf5250 <timboconnor@...> wrote:

David Owens wrote

Vendors and manufacturers:
Branchline Trains, Atlas Model Railroad Co., Bethlehem Car Works,
Speedwitch Media and Models, Reboxx, Sheepscot Scale Models, Funaro &
Camerlengo, Bob's Photo, Arlington Station, Penn Central Historical
Society, Chessie System Historical Society, Pennsylvania Railroad
Technical and Historical Society New England Chapter.
What a lineup! I hope this meet isn't getting too big for its
britches :-) One thing I really like about Collinsville is its
fairly small size... Kind of like Naperville, when it first got
started. Oh well. I guess Tony is right, RPM's have become a
force that fill a need that the NMRA organization has not. It's
pretty remarkable how many RPM meets there are now.

I dream of the ultimate Free-MO meet, renting out the whole Rosemont
center and filling it with miles and miles of RPM modules...

Tim O'

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