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Justin Kahn

Thanks to Bruce and Larry for giving me a good start. I think what may have happened is that the Japanese had access to an official diagram, which shows the simplified end railings which ended up on the model. This is a bit surprising, as so many of the earliest Japanese brass production were based on the 1947 MRR Cyclopedia of reprinted drawings (which, if true--and I've heard this from more than one source--goes a long way to explain why some prototypes were made and not others), and the Geissel drawing shows both the modified end rails and archbar trucks. And Bruce alludes to something that reminds me of the response when I asked about trucks for this car a while ago, that apparently the hand rails were changed when the cars were rebuilt and most received the distinctive PRR single coil-spring trucks at the same time. The views on the PRR railfan site also suggest there was more than just the one modification, perhaps as the brake wheel arrangements were updated.
Those owning one (or more) of the QC N6b kits, whether HO or O scale, will note that they suggest the earliest modification, as on the Geissel drawings.
I probably won't bother, but I am now starting to wonder the different stack supports (either to the cupola or to the roof) were a consequence of class rebuilding.

Jace Kahn, General Manager
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On Tue, May 9, 2006 10:22 pm, Justin Kahn wrote:
Doubtless serious PRR modelers will have all kinds of references, but I
merely a dabbler respecting PRR and much of my library is unavailable
now, anyway. I have a strong suspicion that the end railings on my Max
import are not quite right, so before I paint it up, I'd like to correct
whatever needs fixing on the end railings. Would some kind soul please
point me toward some good views of N6b ends (preferably on the web)?
As per Jack Consoli's article on the ND/NDA in the latest TKM (April
2006), the end railing modifications were begun around 1946, although it
is clear that many woodies didn't ever get the modifications (upper rail,
right side uprights). This would be true for the N6B as well.
Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

Three online photos are referenced at:
(The first Google hit with *prr n6b* as a search string.) (not listed on Rob
Schoenbergs site) is a better view of the

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA
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