Dig # 3138 / Subject: Re: ADMIN: STMFC Photo Policy

Tom <Konnichi-wa@...>

Group, whatever "the Law of the Land", when it is unenforceable it is null
and void from any practical point of view. Those who enact laws that are
unenforceable are the one's that show disrespect of the (principle of) the
law in the first place.
Then there is the principle of society being a free one, not only free to
pursue profit, but also free to read, listen, view things in the most
unimpaired way. Fairness has it that stuff one encounters when excersizing
the rights of a free citizen another person/legal body is the owner of, must
be "costed" to the user in whatever way. This entails paying for a newpaper,
being forced to view commercials in order to have a "free" soap etc But as
has remarked by many others many "gray zones" do exist. No copyright will
run for eternity (so when does it end?) and misuse of marketpower
(pricing-behaviour of the music industry comes to mind) will even induce
honest people to dilute their principles somewhat and start grabbing for
content off the web. The restricted photo-policy just announced seems to me
the correct way to go IF one wants to preclude running any legal risk,
notwithstanding the validity of the "loss of quality-argument" by posting
and copying. pictures. Only as time elapses and jurisprudence develops will
it become clearer what is allowed and what is not. Life is complicated at
times! Tom Hartman

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