Re: USSteel-roads 50' gondolas

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After a long hiatus working on coastal Mississippi damage (and Everglades
restoration)in my new job (24/7), I am back, like the proverbial bad penny.
I missed you all!

Several folks on this list have done some initial research into the
interesting group of "USSteel-road" 50' fixed end straight side fishbelly
center-silled gondolas that we discussed a number of months ago.

I was wondering, with (real) hopes of a future kit for these cars, if anyone
on the list was educated on the timelines and paint schemes for them?

I am aware that some believe that the original large group of URR cars
(6000-6999 and 9000-9999; presumably 2000 cars?)left the road some time
around 1950, but we do not know exactly where they all ended up, if indeed
they filled the entire number series (there was at least a 9762 photo in
Railway Age; Jan 1947?). There is clearly some strong evidence that the
Birmingham Southern, EJ&E, Lake Terminal, and B&LE had some of them, but it
also appears that the McKeesport Connecting kept all 100 of theirs from built
to scrapping and not part of the URR group. Any ideas why URR dumped theirs
so quick, and why a similar block does not appear anywhere after 1950? Did
URR have trouble with durability given their length and types of uses on the
URR, vs. less damaging (pipe loadings) usage on the McKCon?

Does anyone also know what issue of RwyCyc had the plans? I recall a photo
of a Lake Terminal gon of this type out there also. It is interesting where
these gons turn up in photos.


Elden Gatwood

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