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Mike, don't feel bad if you can't figure out a way to make our photo
archives viewable without being copyable, it's not possible with the
current internet standards. If you find a way to do it, find some
venture capitalists and get rich!

You can copy anything on the internet with any computer out of the box.
Even protected files (HTML coding to turnoff "right click") you can still copy
the image. Every keyboard has a key which will copy the current screen into
memory (identity withheld . All you need to do is paste the information from
the clip board into a graphics program (even works with low end graphic
programs like Paint). Then edit the image of the screen to only keep the image
you want. The Quality will depend on the screen resolution and the
capabilities of the graphic software. The only sure way to stop copying from the
internet is to not publish the photo, encrypt all photos or password protect the
site (and most of these can be hacked). In the case of STMFC, there is some
protection since membership is required and moderated.

Rich Orr

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