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Yesterday I received 3 DVD's titled "The Golden Twilight of Postwar
Steam", parts one, two, and three. They came from Green Frog
Productions, which I have no interest in, other than being a customer.
The DVD's were produced from 16mm film shot by Gene Miller (not
familiar with him) during the 1945-1950 period and is about 75% in
color. As with most film, the main subject is the engines, but there
is enough freight cars to make it interesting. My only complaint is
that most run-bys only lasted long enough to see a few freight cars in
the trains. Mr. Miller seemed especially interested in the passenger
trains as he usually shot the entire train.

Part 1 focuses on the west end of the Pennsy in the Chicago (mainly
Englewood), Terre Haute, and St Louis areas. I would guess that about
80% of 54 minutes is dedicated to the PRR. The footage will make the
SPF's really slobber, and then some. I even came to attention when
several of the joint PRR-Wabash Chicago/Detroit trains passed by.

Part 2 is all shot in the Evansville, Ind. area. Coverage is about
90% L&N and C&EI steam in the 1945-1950 period. Once again the main
focus is on the passenger trains and the many engine moves between the
Evansville station and the engine terminal at Howell Yard. But there
are enough glimpses at freight cars to make it worthwhile. Bill W.,
there is one scene where four FGEX wood reefers, at least two with
truss rods, are kicked down the lead at Howell Yard.

Part 3 was shot in the St Louis area, and other locations in the
midwest. Then it is off to the West where a good portion covers the UP
mainly in the Denver area. This is one that our group leader will
want. Some Santa Fe including doubleheaded Pacifics at Dearborn
Station, and not enough SP. All were very entertaining and good

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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