Southern 11-rib low side gon kits now shipping

Jim King <jimking3@...>

Here's a follow up to the posting I made about this kit last week. For
those of you modeling 1945 to the early 90s, this car would fit on your
layout. It was a common car in interchange service into the early 70s,
often traveling in groups of 3 to 6, loaded with sand or stone.

This kit is available ONLY from the Southern Ry Historical Association
( ... the info page is now "up" on their web site and ready
for your orders. The cars are available in singles, 3-packs and 6-packs
in Roman and Block font lettering styles. SRHA members receive a
discount for any ordering option. I'm shipping the first batch of
Roman-font kits to the SRHA today; the rest will follow over the next 3
weeks. Don't delay getting yours ... these have been long-awaited by SR
modelers and the inventory won't last long. Several pre-paid
reservations have been received, so those folks will get theirs first.

Pilot model pix will be posted on the SRHA web site and my own when time
permits. For those of you wanting to see the Block font style, email me
off-list and I'll forward a low rez shot of a typical car. These cars
were used extensively in MOW (tie) service, denoted by the end panels
painted orange and a "9" added in front of the revenue number. The
Block font decal set provides extra 9s for this.

Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

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