Re: Modeling a A E Staley tank car

Richard Townsend

I have a question about this kitbash, and this seems to be as good an opportunity to ask it as any. In the article, Richard H. said that shortening the tank, as he did, results in it being smaller than the prototype. So my question is this: Which would be closer to the prototype, shortening the tank or splicing two underframes? Maybe the answer is obviuos, since Richard did it by shortening the tank, but inquiring minds want to be sure.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

"lnbill" <bwelch@...> wrote:

Other models I am moving to finishng are three Pressed Steel tanks cars
kitbashed from Tichy underframes and InterMountain tanks. One will be
an A E Staley model, which has a white tank. The photo I have is the
right side w/o the dome walkway and the ladder to it.

My question does anyone know what Staley's practice was in terms of
painting the walkways and ladders for the dome. I am betting they were
black but would like to know for sure if possible. What was the
practice of other companies that used a white tank in terms of such

Bill Welch
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