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Catching up on some old e-mails...

I wrote regarding adding weight to the HO scale Funaro PRR Class FM
flatcar kit:
"The fishbelly side sill hides a good deal of underframe detail.
Turn the car over onto its deck. Ensure there are no gaps between
the sides and deck where liquid can escape. Get some #9 lead shot
(available in small quantities from A-Line or in bulk from McMaster-
Carr) and pour it into the cavities of the underframe. Do not pour
so much that it would be visible when the car is viewed from the
side when it's on the tracks. Fix the shot in place by flooding in
thin CA (the cheaper, the better)."

Armand Premo replied on 17 March (Message #52565):
"Ben, your solution to add weight is fine, however you lose all the
brake detail in the process."

True, but I challenge you to find the brake detail when this model
is on the track, even on a chest high layout.

"I would much prefer to add weight in a load."

True, but empty flat cars definitely have a place in any model
railroad operating scheme, so you'll need to run at least a few
without loads.

Ben Hom

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