Dan Hall's Improved Youngstown Doors have arrived

Andy Carlson

The Dan Hall Styrene 4/6/6 Improved Youngstown doors made for the GN and SP&S 12 panel 40' boxcars (and many other 10-0 IH cars) have arrived and are available to members of this list. These are correctly done, and fill a big need for these 12 panel cars, for Intermountain incorrectly supplied early Youngstown doors to these cars. Dan's door is a 4/6/6 improved Youngstown 6' door. These doors were also used on many of the Southern Pacific's 40' boxcars.

I have also received 5/6/5 Improved Youngstown doors which were used extensively by SP for many of their 40' 10-0 IH cars as well.

And I have a limited supply of Dan's "Overnight" interim Improved Youngstown doors which were used on the fleet of SP's famous Overnight express boxcars. I seem to recall seeing photos of these doors on a non-SP boxcar, but I can't remember which road. Perhaps some of the list members might provide further applications for this and the other 2 doors.

I have received these doors from the first production runs and are supplied to me unpackaged. I will sell them for $2.00 a pair. Shipping will be $1.40 flat rate for as many doors shipped.

4/6/6/Improved Youngstown-SP, GN, SP&S and others 10-0 IH
5/6/5 Improved Youngstown-SP and others
5/5/5 Interim Improved YSD-SP overnight and ?

I can be contacted off-list at <midcentury@...>
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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