Re: Walthers 46' USRA mill gon review

Tom Gloger

--- Tim O'Connor <> wrote:
Will .088 wheel treads eliminate the rubbing problem?
Hard to say. It's not rubbing the centerframe, it's rubbing the
underside of one of the lateral members. Smaller flanges might
help, but I don't hesitate to remove underframe detail that gets
in the way.

As for the other Walthers cars, two X29's and a meat reefer, the
coupler screws were polishing the center of the axles nearest the
ends. I replaced the #2 blobheads with 0.250" #1 flatheads, which
seem to be holding. YMMV.

BTW, I misquoted the instructions: they say "CA type cement."
Same thing?

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