Re: MDT Flat Cars & Tank Trailers

Ron Morse <ronstrainshop@...>

Run on over to the Yahoo Milk train list and ask there. You will
receive your answer.
Ron Morse
NYC/C&O O scale in Springfield,MO

--- In STMFC@..., Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...>

At one time Merchants Despatch owned and operated flat cars with
(milk?) tank trailers. Some years ago, Overland imported HO scale
brass models of them. A friend who is a professional painter now
has a
commission to paint one of the models but the owner has only a
recollection about what color either the flat car or the trailers
painted. Can any list member provide enlightenment on this
Also, can anyone suggest a source for the Overland decals which
offered at the same time as the models, but which are long since
out of
stock. Any help will be much appreciated.

Richard Hendrickson

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