Re: URTX / Soo Line Reefer 1882 preserved at Whippany Railroad Museum

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Hello all,

I thought this would be of interest as this seems to be a rather
intact reefer:

Best regards,
Tom Cornillie
Is everybody involved with railway preservation an amateur, or does it
only look that way? Read this quote from their web site:

"The Museum's car was one of many under lease to the Minneapolis,
Saint Paul & Sault Saint Marie Railway. Originally painted bright
yellow with red-oxide ends and roof, the car carried the famous herald
of the Soo Line throughout it's more than 4-decades of active service.
After a late-1940's rebuilding which featured new, steel ends that
replaced the original wooden ends, the car was painted orange with
black roof and ends. Once restored by the Museum, the car will feature
the earlier yellow paint scheme."

Here they have a complete reefer as it existed at the end of service,
when it was painted orange. But, they want it yellow. Somehow I
seriously doubt that they will remove the steel ends and roof before
they repaint it. I bring it up only as a reminder of how worthless
railway museums are for doing prototype research.


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