Grab iron clearance

Schuyler Larrabee

Roof grabs, specifically.

For a very long time, I've set grab irons mostly by eye, and if there were a group of them, such as
on a corner ladder, I'd use a spacer to get them all the same, at least on that one car. I'd use a
spacer about *so* thick, to get them all about *that* far from the car side.

So, I'm putting on roof grabs on some Plano boards, and I'm about to space them as I have before,
but I take a break and while reading Mont Switzer's article on his MP cars, he says "use a piece of
.040" to space the corner grabs from the walk . . . "


.040" is 3.5" in HO. Is that right? It seems large to me. I don't think there's anything
significantly unusual about this particular aspect of those MP cars . . . .

I checked my '31 and '46 Car Builders' Cycs, but there's nothing dimensioned on the couple dozen
pages I looked at. I may have missed something . . .

So, what's "correct?" I've been using .025, or 2", which looks pretty good to me.

And while I'm asking: How do other people go about making and securing these corner grabs to the
Plano boards? I've developed a repeatable technique, but I'm curious how others do it. Mine might
not be the easiest or best way.


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