Re: URTX / Soo Line Reefer 1882 preserved at Whippany Railroad Museum

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To really appreciate your thesis, you need to sit in on a museum
meeting and hear the "educated" discussions that go on over what
color to paint
a piece of equipment. And, after it's botched, hear the explanations.
Been there, done that. It's the "model railroader" syndrome. Because
we as modelers might prefer one paint scheme to another, all we have
to do is buy some Evergreen scribed styrene and Tichy K brake
equipment, and we can do whatever we want. In fact we can do whatever
we want without buying any additional materials, so long as we don't
mention it on this list.

It would be one thing if they were a tourist railroad; a private
concern that just sells a ride. But a MUSEUM should hold itself to a
higher standard than someone's personal model railroad. Here is their
mission statement, from their web page:

"The Whippany Railway Museum is dedicated to Preserving the Heritage
and History of the Railroads of New Jersey through the Restoration,
Preservation, Interpretation and Operation of Historic Railroad
Equipment and Artifacts from New Jersey and the immediate vicinity."

I guess if it's not from New Jersey or the immediate vicinity it
doesn't have to be correct.


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