Re: Replacement parts for 65' mill gon, NYC stock car & 3-bay PS-2


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I'd throw out a request for something we discussed a year
or two ago, and that is a P-S style drop end with three straight
corrugations as used on some of the "Greenville-style" gons built by P-
S. Model reference: the P2K gons released several years ago which
continue to dribble out, now with semi-authentic loads.
Hear, hear!!! This would make kitbashing a PS-5 (that was the gon, IIRC) from the P2K car,
and we can finally have a correct Rutland gon model. Or with die cutting apparently so
cheap these days, perhaps Life Like could make the part in styrene and offer PS-5's along
with the Greenville cars. Perhaps there are few major visible differences in the bodies and
the Greenville shell could be used.

Walt Lankenau

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