Re: "Historical" Clubs


OUTSTANDING response and summation!

Professor H. L. Hanger

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:
Rich Orr wrote:
You are never going to win this. From the previous comments it is
very clear that the revisionist historian philosophy is being
espoused. That is the 'historians" are free to reshape the data in
any manner as long as it supports their hypothesis. Draw a
conclusion and make the facts fit the conclusion. The antithesis of
the scientific method. And those of us who care that facts be facts
which are not subject to interpretation but rather allow one to
understand the entire picture recognize this philosophy which is
rampant among today's alleged historians. It is back dated social
engineering that allows what is politically correct today (i.e.
expedient) to change the facts of the past.
Not a bad (if hostile) summary of Mr. Foucault and friends. You
are right that those who accept this view that "historical conclusions
are all personal" probably could not care less about what we call
"accuracy" on this list.

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