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The smallest of nits, Tim: Lot 682-B was P&LE 30000 - 30499,
blt '40 by Pressed Steel Car at McKees Rocks, Pa., while P&LE
30500 - 30999 were Lot 683-B, blt '40 by Pullman-Standard at
Butler, Pa., Lot 5625.
Jeff and others interested,

The P&LE 30500-30999 had a "quirk" with the Murphy raised panel roof used on
these cars as well as LS&I 2201-2225 cars built as lot 5625A. The far end
panels had a raised panel on the portion opposite the running board. This is
unlike any other Murphy raised panel roof I've ever come across. There are
several photos that show this feature, including a Will Whittaker photo of
P&LE 30851. Probably the best view of this feature is shown on a photo of
P&LE 30814 from Bob Lorenz. According the the P-S bill of materials, there's
nothing "special" about this roof as it is specified like any other roof of
this type furnished by Standard Railway Equipment Manufacturing Co. The
additional stiffeners would make a neat addition to an otherwise quite
"standard" model.
Ed Hawkins

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