Re: Virginian H12 and H14 hoppers

Bill McCoy

Tim, Thanks for the information.

My primary question which I didn't make clear was from a HO modeling
perspective. What's a good starting point to model these cars?

Bill McCoy

--- In STMFC@..., Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...> wrote:

Bill McCoy wrote:

Is there a good starting point available for the Virginian H12 2
and H14 3 bay hoppers. These cars were seen all over the south
probably midwest. Most were built at the Virginian's Princeton,
shops as late a 2/56 in the case of the H14A.

Hoppers of the VGN were subject to Car Service Rule C-411 which
that all empty VGN, C&O, N&W and L&N hoppers were returned to
owners after being unloaded. Because this Rule was simple, it was
clearly understood and generally followed.

Therefore, their range extended to anywhere coal mined on the VGN
used. So the assumption is that, if there was a VGN hopper, it was
either loaded with coal mined on the VGN, or returning back to the
empty. Such an assumption could not be made for any hopper owned
by a
road not subject to Rule C-411.

Tim Gilbert

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