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Some kind folks at the B&O Historical Society Archives have created
True Type Fonts for some of the unique B&O fonts and described the
process. The fonts and the description are available at .

Bruce D. Griffin
Summerfield, NC

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Another reference compared New Brunswick to New Century Schoolbook
. .
I can only speak about details for SP lettering, but this is an
excellent example of how a nominally "close" font does NOT duplicate a
particular railroad's lettering. The SP characters, including numerals,
were reprinted in my Vol. 1 on SP freight cars, and several are quite
at odds with any of the Century siblings, Schoolbook or otherwise.
Numerals in particular are visibly quite condensed for SP relative to
the font.
As Al Westerfield mentioned, this requires use of other
fonts to
get closer to the actual railroad's lettering practice, followed by
juggling both size and weight to be as "close" as possible.

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