Virginian hoppers


Bill, as a quick answer: The H-12 is a 55T "34 foot" 8 panel hopper,
and, to my eye, the Accurail or the flat end Athearn works. Marty
Swartz's VGN resource guide suggests the Walthers, with some
reservations. Again, to my eye, the MDC 70T three bay is very close
to an H-14. You asked for a starting point. I'm sure there's more
expertise on this list, particularly with what to change.

With the help of others on the Virginian list I'm trying to work up a
decent list of VGN hopper types and "best" models. It's been slow
going. Once it's corrected by the real experts I'm going to share it
with the Virginian list, and, if there's any interest, I'd be happy to
share it with this list. But, please, patience. The more I dig the
more I find. (duh!!)

Frank Bongiovanni

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