Re: NP wood side reefer with classic NP round roof

Gene Deimling <losgatos48@...>

The only color photos that I have seen show black hardware. I am
not sure that an old "Prototype Modeler" article is a valid source
of prototype information. The There are no data sheets available
from the kit maker. This series of cars presented a challenge to
research since no plans were found only a folio sheet. Fortunately,
there are a few old bodies to be found in Montana and other states.

Gene Deimling

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File : /686_side_shot_001_1-800.jpg
Uploaded by : losgatos48 <losgatos48@>
Description : The latest O scale urethane kit from Chooch
Scale. Patterns and pilot model by Jim Zwernemann with decals
R.L. Design.

Wow, that's a nice model. Is there a data sheet that goes along
it that some of us HO modelers could get copies of?

In an old issue of "Prototype Modeler" I think thsy said that some
these cars has box car red hardware.

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