VGN help needed

Dave Powell <daveydiesel@...>

Hi Guys,
I am searching for some info on Virginian, class BX-10/11, 40 foot
O.B. boxcars that were built by Baltimore Car & Foundry in 1906. These
are 50 ton, steel
frame cars in the # sries 61000-61249. I am starting with an HO scale
Accucraft O.B. boxcar as the side spacings are correct. Does anyone
know what type roof these cars had? I only have 1 photo of said car but
I think one of you could possibly make out what kind of roof I will
need for this project.I have modeled for over 40 years now and this is
going to be my first car built to a specific prototype and hope fully
can take it to the Naperville, IL PRM meet come October so I need all
the help I can muster. Any and all help will be highly appreciative.
Thanks, Davey

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