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Can anyone point me to a photo af the WAB 7000-7299 series? I
in the various RMJ series last night, briefly, and didn't find
There are earlier and later Wabash cars, but not this series.

As you might guess, I'm starting to build a couple Branchline. All
really want to do is confirm that this series or some of them had
Youngstown doors and open-grid roofwalk, in other words, that the
of-the-box model has the right stuff. The model has 4-3R interim
improved dreadnought ends.

Main reason I ask is that I know Wabash had a history of buying
with welded sides, bolster-to-bolster side sills, and other
stuff, and I'd rather know before I start something that would need
major surgery.


I have sent you a scan of the builder photo of car 7000. Wabash
built this group of box cars at their Decatur, IL shop between April
and December 1952. They were the last "new" box cars, built or
purchased, by the railroad with 6 foot door openings. The bolster-to-
bolster side sills were present on all 40' box cars built by Decatur
between 1942 and 1952. 700 40' box cars were built by AC&F in 1948
with twelve panel welded sides and tab side sills, and numbered in
the 88200-88699 series.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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