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Many THANKS for all the info. I knew the ends would need to be scratch
built and I thought the car looked to tall as compared to the pix on the VGN
Group but with that said I guess I will build a stand in but mine will have
the letter boards on the sides, not like the Accurail car. Now I have to
find the back issues of MM if I am going to pursue this venture. I see the
underframe is all wrong too so will replace. Again THANKS for all this great

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Davey Powell asked:
"I am searching for some info on Virginian, class BX-10/11, 40 foot
O.B. boxcars that were built by Baltimore Car & Foundry in 1906.
These are 50 ton, steel frame cars in the # series 61000-61249. I am
starting with an HO scale Accu[rail] O.B. boxcar as the side spacings
are correct. Does anyone know what type roof these cars had?"

Hutchins, 12 carlines. Be advised that if you're looking for an
accurate model of this car, the Accurail model is good only for a


- The Accurail car is too tall (model 9 ft IH vs prototype 8 ft IH).
For single sheathed (NOT OUTSIDE BRACED) boxcars, you can't cut a foot
out of the body as you end up chopping off the top of the truss.

- The model roof has 13 carlines; the prototype has 12.

- The ends of the Accurail car are incorrect. The prototype had steel
ends with three pressed steel vertical reinforcements

That being said, you're in luck if you want an accurate model of this
car bad enough to scratchbuild it. Plans by Bob Hundman ran in the
February 2005 issue of Mainline Modeler, and a detailed series of
articles on scratchbuilding this car ran in the March, April, May, and
une 2005 issues of Mainline Modeler. Additionally, decals for this
car are available from Bill Moesteller of Great Decals:

Ben Hom



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