F&C "Type 7" tank car

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I received two of the F&C kits today and have the following thoughts for the group. Take them as you will.

-- The cars are called AC&F Type 7. Steve said that is what it said on the PRR drawing. That may be true, but these are Type 11 cars, not Type 7. The Type 7 had high running boards. The Type 11 introduced low running boards for AC&F designs.
-- As was hypothesized previously here, the tanks do appear to be castings of brass parts. I'll leave the origins up to those who have pieces for comparison.
-- One glaring omission on the kit is the center anchor. There is no provision for it, and it's not even mentioned. The center anchor was comprised of two angles that each attached to the top of the center sill and then to the bottom of the tank. They were several feet in length and were parallel to the center sills. These will need to be scratchbuilt. I am thinking about making a little pattern for them.
-- There is a gap between the bend of the elbow that connects to the valves and the valves themselves. it's not glaring, but it's there nonetheless. Some ACC in the joint should minimize it. -- The bolsters look quite good.

I plan to have some decals for other roads (besides PRR) this summer. If only we could get the 1917 tank with dual rows of rivets!

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