Re: Virginian H12 and H14 hoppers

James D Thompson <jaydeet@...>

Is there a good starting point available for the Virginian H12 2 bay
and H14 3 bay hoppers.
The VGN H-12 was a continuation of the late-1930s H-8 and as such was basically the Unitcast ribside twin hopper that showed up in various '30s and '40s CBCs. Virginian was by far the largest user of the design (New Haven had a handful built by PSC and Wabash built some panel-side versions, but that was about it). The Athearn ribside twin is the place to start, as Irv kinda backed into the Unitcast design by putting new sides on the offset-side twin.

The H-14 is a whole different animal, basically a scratchbuilding job. It was unique to the Virginian (and N&W after the merger).

David Thompson

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