truck nomenclature (Was: Symington-Gould truck)

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Dennis Storzek wrote:
But I did indeed have this problem on the SooLineHistory list in a
discussion with the late John Campbell. He insisted the series if cars
had DALMAN trucks (the H was a figment of my imagination) I was sure
all these cars had "Andrews" trucks. He posted a photo, and sure
enough, the truck in question has separate bolt-on journals... but it
also had the Dalman two level spring pack and bolster. Now that I have
a better photo, i see the sideframe is an ASF 7795A, with the ASF
octagon casting mark, but says DALMAN across the top, with pattent
dates in 1924 and 1925 cast in. Nowhere does it say Andrews, yet the
vast majority of model railroaders would immediately associate the
bolt on journal with the Andrews name, as I had.
This is an important point. Not all bolt-on journals are Andrews; not all pedestal solid-bearing trucks of cast steel design are Vulcan; not all T-section trucks are Bettendorf (if anything, Bettendorf was a minority maker of these by the 1920s, though they originated the design). And to go further, trucks with Barber or A-3 bolster snubbers may well be licensed trucks made by ASF or Columbia Steel or Buckeye or lots of people. I think there were several kinds of trucks using Dalman spring arrangements, so as Dennis says, we need to use care in describing trucks with single-word names. It not only may not be definitive, it may even be misleading altogether.
Richard Hendrickson may want to chime in along about here.

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