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Ed Hawkins

On Tuesday, May 30, 2006, at 10:08 PM, sarbuf wrote:

Hello Group: I model the later 1950's and was looking at the new
Intermountain 40' steel boxcars and was wondering what year they
started getting painted in the yellow and black scheme like on the
model. I know they were built in the 40's but not sure if the models
colour scheme would fit my era.

Thanks in advance
Don Janes
The TH&B had AAR all-steel box cars built 7-49 assigned to series 3000-3299 that were painted with yellow sides and black ends and roofs. A second series numbered 3300-3599 came in May 1953. Photos of these cars appear in my article in the January 2000 Railmodel Journal.

If the model depicted in the InterMountain web sit of car #3090 is correct, the model is incorrect. All of these cars had diagonal panel roofs.
Ed Hawkins

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