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Was looking at the new
Intermountain 40' steel boxcars and was wondering what year they
started getting painted in the yellow and black scheme like on the
Another reply from the CPSIG:

The May 2006 issue of Focus, the magazine of the TH&B Railway Historical
Society has a good article on modeling the 3000-3599 Series 40 ft steel
boxcars from Branchline Model kit. The yellow scheme also known as the
"Ti-Cat" paint scheme. The first cars in the series were painted
Tuscan with
white lettering starting in 1949, By 1952 the railway had started painting
these cars into the yellow/black scheme. There was two versions of the
yellow box car. First were simply yellow sides with black roof, ends and
door with black lettering. In 1955 there was a change to the white/black
TH&B logo and the car lettering locations were changed somewhat.

As registrar for the TH&B Historical Society I would be pleased to
sell you
a copy. Total issue is 28 pages.

Also be sure to check out the TH&B Historical Society web page at

Richard Dilley

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