Re: UTLX X-5

Bill Darnaby

Steve writes:

It appears that all of the "pre-war" cars may have had wood running boards and platforms and there does not appear to be any no platforms up around the "dome."
I also noticed that the kit provides a six course wrapper while the post-war production car photos in the data sheet have seven courses.

There were many more cars built after WWII and certainly by 1947, with ACF lots 3085 (98195-98899 and 99905-99999) and 3103 (99400-99499), the running boards were expanded metal, rectangular open grid and there were full dome platforms, as photo evidence shows. These metal running boards lay above the side and end sills.
The supplimental modelling notes on the data sheet do not mention at all the attachment or mounting of the metal running boards so it is let to the modeller to figure out from the photos that they lay on top of the end sills.

Bill Darnaby

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