Re: steel mills in the steam era/ justifying gons from far away

Michael Aufderheide


Since "now" is past 1960, I'll tip toe on thin ice by pointing out that US Steel is still very much in operation in Gary. I have heard that it is one of the world's largest single site mills. The smell from the Skyway will water your eyes. More to the point that Elden is on, the J was a major interchange partner for the roads heading away from Chicago "then". It was 4th for the Monon in # of carloads in 1952 and EJE cars were distributed to the Southeast US this way.

Mike Aufderheide

"Gatwood, Elden J SAD " <Elden.J.Gatwood@...> wrote: Ed;
>I think EJ&E serviced Gary, Indiana - formerly a steel producing area.

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