Re: steel mills in the steam era/ justifying gons from far away


Erie did go into Youngstown... as well as the PLE... they serviced
Republic Steel, Carnige and its subsidiaries, and YST.. as well as
some of the other smaller mills in YO... Other railroads were the B&O,
Penn, NYC and short lines...

born and bred YO'er

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I think EJ&E serviced Gary, Indiana - formerly a steel producing area.
It did.

Erie serviced the mill in Lackawanna, NY - I believe that's where all
those Greenville gons were used. Youngstown Sheet and Tube too.

I will try to find out about YS&T, but I don't think Erie went into

Does anyone know all of the steel producing mills in the steam era?
Pittsburgh, Gary, Birmingham, Bethlehem PA, Cleveland, Buffalo ......
What were the others?

I have a bunch of books and documents published by the steel
industry asnd
others on this subject. There were so many steel-makers you wouldn't
believe. If you have specific questions, ask them. There is too
much info
to list it all.

From this list I learned that a P&LE customer shipped cast sewer pipes
all around the country - I guess there weren't many manufacturers of
those pipes around the country.

The answer I got to this question was: "Cost, man; it is all about
how much
someone was willing to sell you "X" when you asked. Prices
fluctuated daily,
so one week you might get pipe from J&L via the P&LE and next week
from USS
Gary via EJ&E.

Which companies made unique products that would bring gons from a far
into other regions of the country?

They ALL did. Each company had some unique steel product; or at
least one
that paid their bills. Each USS facility made something that the others
didn't. Or, at least locally. There were also hundreds of
different kinds
of steel, used in thousands of applications. Makers would vary the
ingredients according to users requests, so the steel, and products
made from
it, could also vary from week to week.

For example was any steel shipped from Birmingham into the New York
area? How about from Gary? There were plenty of mills much closer.

There could have been, depending on how much it cost them compared
to the
mills that were closer. I remember a guy from Levinson Steel (a
telling me that the reason they had gons of structural shapes from
(PB&NE 65' gons) was that they got it cheaper than from USS, who was
literally a rock's throw across a fence!

Have a great weekend, guys!

Elden Gatwood

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