Re: steel mills in the steam era/ justifying gons from far away

Schuyler Larrabee

Ed Mines:

Erie serviced the mill in Lackawanna, NY - I believe that's where all
those Greenville gons were used. Youngstown Sheet and Tube too.

I will try to find out about YS&T, but I don't think Erie
went into Y-town.
Elden, don't spend a lot ot time researching that. The ERIE did indeed go to (and through) "Y-town."
That's YOUNGSTOWN you know . . . It went so much "through" Youngstown that after Conrail (sorry
Mike) the mayor made a deal so that the ERIE track would be abandoned, and he made huge efforts to
obliterate the line through the city. Filled in bridges, built a Science Museum (now closed)
directly over the line, and a jail ditto.

And YS&T was a very large ERIE (and later EL) customer.


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